Christmas Math Activities Middle School - Holiday & Winter Math Activities

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Looking for activities to keep your students engaged during the holidays? These Holiday Middle School Math Activities are perfect to challenge your students, and your students will love them! Each task challenges students and will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. Differentiation and teaching ideas are also included to reach all of your students.

Math Tasks Included

• Snow Day: This task requires students to reason through the size of a snowman and calculate the volume of the snowman. Easier level: Students can calculate the area of the 2d snowman. This task also includes a challenge as an extension.

• Santa vs. The Grinch: Students calculate who wins in a sleigh race between Santa and the Grinch. Higher level: Students use systems of equations and solve both algebraically and graphically. Lower level: Students reason through the task using problem-solving skills. This task also includes a challenge as an extension.

• Geometric Snowflake: Students learn how the Koch snowflake is created and find the area of a stage 3 Koch snowflake. Higher level: Students use the Pythagorean Theorem to find missing side lengths. Lower level: Students use a ruler to practice measurement and find the composite area of the shape. This task also includes an extension for higher students.

• O Christmas Tree: Students are given equations in slope-intercept form and end points to draw on a graph. The finished product is a work of art. Easier level: Students use substitution to find the end points. A challenge is also included as an extension. Graph is included.

• Colorful Crystals: Students classify real numbers as whole, natural, integers, rational or irrational. Students then color snowflakes according to their answers. This activity is perfect to keep students engaged before a break or a substitute.